Sunday, 13 January 2019

How teens can earn extra money online

Christmas and New Year really puts strain on your wallet, right? The shopping for the perfect gift and fulfilling everyone’s wishes can be costly, so earning a little more cash can help to maintain it’s quantity. In this blog I am going to share some of the ways I like to earn money as a teen under 16. If you are under 16, you will know that there aren’t many available well-paying jobs for younger people; if you can’t get paper rounds or work in a small local business, what is out there to help you earn a little money? I would like to show you some of the ways that I earn money and receive gift cards for free without moving from your phone!
Not everyone receives pocket money for chores, so are there other ways? Of course! Selling your old things is simple and effective, you could go to a car boot sale or garage sale, but it isn’t as effective as what I like to do. It’s possible to sell all of your old items with a couple of taps on Gumtree and Shpock; I’m often looking at things to buy on there for a reduced price. Furthermore if you have CDs, DVDS, books and computer games that you don’t use anymore, WeBuyBooks, Ziffit and Cex will take them in. If you leave your email addresses below you can get an extra £5 once you’ve completed your first order. I regularly use these apps to sell my books after I’ve read them, I’m currently selling £15 worth of items on all of these. Who doesn’t want to be paid for getting rid off their old stuff?

If you don’t have things to sell, don’t fret as there are alternative ways of getting paid and receiving gift cards to redeem. I’m new to Swagbucks so I cannot tell you much about it, but I have got over 200 credits in a few weeks from answering surveys and watching videos! If you follow this link you can get extra SB for free:

Secondly, I have used AppBounty in the past and collected a £10 Amazon voucher after a couple of months! You earn credits from downloading and playing games and completing surveys. By following this link or inputting this code you receive and extra 50 points to start you off. or hhyhlafo

The previous options are very advantageous, however my all time favourite platform is AppNana! I have received over £15 and still redeem gift cards on a regular basis. To earn Nanas all you have to do is download and play fun games and complete quests to watch your points add up drastically! You can also get 5 nanas for every video you watch. This app is my favourite because the prices for gift cards aren’t too high in comparison to how much you earn each day! If you input this code: c21570921 you can get an extra 2500 nanas on me and with the welcome bonus you are halfway to a gift card!

Please try these out and share in the comments whether you like it and if you used the codes for bonuses. Don’t forget to comment your email for an extra £5 after you first order on WeBuyBooks and follow my blog for more posts like this.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Book Reviews

I don’t know about you, but I always have my head in a book and I would like to share a couple of my favourite books that I’ve read in the past year. Don’t worry there are many more to come!

Firstly I loved ‘Running on the Roof of the World’ and it was actually my first post on my Twitter; here is the original post:
It was so beautifully written and the topic was extremely eye opening, perfectly showing the struggles of the residents of Tibet. The area is often nicknamed ‘roof of the world’ and is probably where the author got here title from. I empathised incredibly well with the characters, even though I hadn’t been in their exact situation, or anything nearly as drastic and dangerous. Getting very emotional when reading it meant that I may have had a little tear! I highly recommend this novel by Jessica Butterworth.

Next is ‘Moxie’ by Jennifer Mathieu, it was an amazing in the way it showed the struggles of men being superior in many school environments and how the equality system still isn’t just through the words said by main character Viv (who’s perspective it is in). It showed a growing teenager in a patriarchal society and how difficult it is, being a teenage female I connected with her extremely well and was really empathetic to her situation. I loved the style of writing and shall continue to read her books in the future! I highly recommend it to anyone as it is a perfect novel.

Penultimately, ‘928 miles from home’ by Kim Slater is another one of her highly commended books. It perfectly illustrates blended families and especially those with different races, cultures and backgrounds. I really enjoyed the style of writing and as always would rate her novel a five star and recommend anyone looking for a touching, but not to over the top young adult book to read it!

Finally ‘The Hate U Give’ is a film which is now out and I am hoping to see as the book was superb. It was carefully structured to explain the topical issues about racism through the perspective of Starr and was very touching as it is quite unbelievable that racial abuse and prejudice still occurs in the 21st century! As I am a fairly emotional person I cried a lot during this very difficult subject. I suggest that you read this book or watch the film as it is super and I hope the film adaptation is just as eye-opening. I highly rate this novel by Angie Thomas!

Thank you so much for reading my short and sweet reviews, feel free to comment any thoughts on the books and if you have read them. Furthermore, I would like to see your take on a book that you think I should read!


"We lose ourselves in books, We find ourselves there too."


Wednesday, 14 November 2018

What study technique is best for you?

You’ve started a new year at school and are beginning to settle into the school routine again when all of the end of term assessments are coming up and you have to revise! Sound relatable? Of course, you spend most of the time procrastinating, but you should really be knuckling down to get those good grades, right? Maybe you don’t know the best way for you to revise, so I am going to be giving you some tips about the perfect revision. 

There’s no point saying ‘I’ll do it in a minute’ or ‘my revision will start when the test date is nearer’ because soon it will be the night before the exam and you don’t even know what you’ve learnt in the past few days let alone term! My advise is to start studying early and organise your days so that you spend a good time on revision but not too much so that you stress yourself out about it; you may want to do this by making a timetable to schedule in these sessions of learning. I like to reward myself per section to keep me motivated by going on my phone for five minutes or having a snack. It’s not only your work that needs to be organised but your whole daily routine, try to ensure that you eat nutritious meals and are not sleep deprived because that will reduce your concentration levels drastically. Start revising months before the exam and read small quantities of notes before bed because you are more likely to remember them that way.

This was my basic timetable from last year

You can buy revision books for notes and practise exam questions

Additionally, a good study space is ideal in maximising your work ethic and so reading a textbook slumped in your bed won’t help because your brain thinks it is time to sleep and will try to shut down. Ironically I am typing this while lying in bed, but that’s not the point. Try to add relevant revision material on the walls near your desk so that every time you study you are surrounded by the work. Sometimes it helps people to put revision notes on the ceiling above their bed or on the shower tiles with a whiteboard pen to ensure that your mind is focussing on the work even when it has nothing else to do. To create the perfect study space you need to minimise distractions and that means turning off your phone; I know it’s crazy to shut yourself off from the online world for an hour, but it’s possible and definitely advantageous. The new iOS update makes it even easy to do this from the new screen time section in settings that allows you to have down time sessions.  

You can choose when you want your downtime to start and end.

It even tells you how long you spend on each app.

Making revision and learning fun is crucial in motivating you to do it more regularly and so different ways on absorbing information can help, especially when trying to find the one that works best for you. It’s possible to revise in different spaces like in the car or garden for a change of scenery as well as paper and digital learning. I use mind maps a lot when trying to remember things because their structure mimics what happens in your brain; having a variety of colours for each individual subject helps to make you associate each subject with a colour or thing. Furthermore, you can become a teacher in the subject by telling a friend or family member all about the topic or making posters and leaflets to prove your knowledge on it. If you are more musical and creative, you may want to make catchy songs about the work so that you remember it more easily. Writing notes over and over again gets them in your brain as well as flash cards; you may choose to make them on card or online if you prefer. I enjoy using an app called Quizlet which makes revision cards for you and tests you via different games and activities before the test, sending notifications to remind you of the deadline. Finally practising exam questions or papers and quizzing your knowledge regularly without the use of notes will help to ensure that you know the information without aid. 

The Quizlet app allows you to learn vocab and quiz your knowledge; it is advantageous for Spanish.

This is a huge information poster that I made on Victorian England!

I colour code all of my lessons so that I know which is which and can make better revision notes.

This is a history mind map that I made last year, I wrote what I could remember from each branch on the post-it notes.

Good luck with your exam(s) and remember these tips to help you get the best marks. Quickly get off your phone and start revising!!

“Success won’t come to you unless you go to success.”

Sunday, 11 November 2018

All about me!

Welcome to my first ever blog post; I am fresh to this area of posting and am enthusiastic and motivated to upload my life and how to organize and improve yours by homemade and cost effective DIYs. I am also planning to write book reviews and ideas for upcoming seasonal events. Consequent to not everyone not liking to have to read lengthy pieces of text every day, so instead I have decided to make my uploads short and sweet. As a GCSE student, I have a lot of revision; this means that I can share study tips and school essentials. If you provide me with regular feedback, I can feature your ideas into the posts and make them more personal to you and your interests.
Firstly, I would like to share some facts regarding me and my hobbies: I enjoy reading a good novel as well as writing them. Although I like to get good grades and improve my exam results, I am still a teenager and spend maybe a little too much time on my phone! My preferred programmes are those of the crime drama genre such as BBC’s Sherlock and Line of Duty, additionally films of a similar category are brilliant as well as musicals, for instance Mamma Mia 2!! What are your much-loved hobbies and interests? Are any analogous to mine?

Now I would like to thank you for reading my short introduction and expressing your curiosity in my new blog and how I hope for it to expand; I shall be uploading my next post promptly! Look below the picture to see my motto of the day that I shall include at the end of every upload to make all of the words and meanings matter.

(Above is an image that I took on my recent holiday as it is currently one of my favourite ~ and my phone background). 

 Quote of the day:

"Every day brings a fresh beginning, {...} Every day is what you choose to make it."


How teens can earn extra money online

Christmas and New Year really puts strain on your wallet, right? The shopping for the perfect gift and fulfilling everyone’s wishes can be...